Favorite Nina Dobrev outfits

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Top 6 favourite Elejah pics asked by letthefairyinyoufly



When we last saw Elena, she was still broken up with emotionally repressed Stefan and had driven Damon so far away that he (quite deliciously) hooked up with Rebekah in retaliation. “Elena is in between Salvatores, [but] she’s always kind of in-between Salvatores,” Nina pointed out. “She always has been, now especially, she’s kind of torn between the two. And she’s not spoken for necessarily by one or the other. So it’s an interesting dynamic.”

 Will the tenderness and subtle affection that’s somewhat surprisingly developed between Elena and Elijah complicate things? Showrunner Julie Plec has told us these developments grew from the writers’ own affection for the guy who plays the allegiance-shifting Original, Daniel Gillies, but there’s no clear indication where it’s headed. “I wouldn’t say there’s a love interest,” Nina told us, adding, "I guess we’ll see what develops in the future though."


Elijah is a noble man, Stefan.

I admire you, Elena.